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I've based my Inkoos Review on the great range of Inkoos available at Amazon.com. Where better to shop from than the largest and best online retailer in the world?

After carrying out my Inkoos research, I found the best prices available were indeed with Amazon and to be honest I wasn't surprised at this. I don't know how they do it but they always seem to offer the best prices on the internet, especially for Inkoos.

Who Would Buy This:

Inkoos are excellent cuddly toys, with a twist... they're designed to be drawn on! Marketed to kids from 3 years and older, Inkoos are ideal for boys and girls of all ages who have a penchant for drawing on their toys, so why not create a toy that can be drawn on and washed off with ease?

Things we like about Inkoos

After picking up a couple of Inkoos for my kids, I decided to put together this Inkoos Review for you so you don't have to trawl the internet for all the necessary information. Instead, it's all here on my site with the intention to help you in your decision making process.

Inkoos Can Be Drawn On!

I was impressed when I first heard that someone had designed a cuddly and cute toy that kids can color in and draw on.

My immediate thought was that this would stop my kids from drawing all over my walls - could the Inkoos be my saviour? Well, so far so good! My kids took to the Inkoos exceptionally well and I didn't even need to be prompted to buy them for them - normally they scream and shout about wanting this or that toy until they're blue in the face. Available in quite a few different Inkoos, each toy comes with a standard set of pens and an inspirations pack which gives your child ideas on how to draw or color in the Inkoos. It was very interesting to see the contrast in colors and styles - my son used a load of vibrant colors with no particular design, whereas my daughter colored in her Inkoo in a more controlled and precise way. Pulling the Inkoos out of the washing machine for the first time was also a joyous experience - they cleaned up very well and dried very easily - my main feat was that the Inkoos would have some residual colors on them after washed only once, but they came up very clean indeed.

Things we did not like about Inkoos

After being so impressed with the Inkoos, I was determined to find a negative point to mention, which is something I like to do with all my product reviews and I did in fact find one with the Inkoos.

The Ink Does Stain

Even though the Inkoos manage to come out clean and color free from the wash, unfortunately the same can't be said for my cushion covers, which have been cleaned numerous times and still have color in them from the Inkoos pens. After advising my kids that they should not draw on anything else than the Inkoos, they seem to have got the message. My advice to you is to tell your kids straight away to not draw on anything other than the Inkoos themselves.


Amazon currently have free shipping options available on the Inkoos.

Are The Inkoos Worth The Money?

My kids are very happy with their Inkoos and I'm very happy with the price I paid for them, so the Inkoos get my thumbs up.

Where Can I Buy Inkoos?

I ordered Inkoos for my grand daughter from Amazon.com

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