Best Parenting Advice

From A Parent

Everyone has some ‘best parenting advice’, that they’re more than willing to share, about how you should raise your child. Find your own parenting groove and just be ready to adjust.

Here are 10 Pieces Of Best Parenting Advice:

  1. Trust your gut. Always. Your gut is trying to talk to you. Listen to it.
  2. When your kids start school, get to know their teachers. Start with preschool, and don’t ever stop.
  3. Get to know other kids – and their parents. This one is easy when they’re little. As they get bigger, not so much. You have to work at it.
  4. Don’t judge other moms. Well, try not to, anyways. It’s natural for women to judge each other.
  5. Starting now, be aware of what you’re feeding them. I’m not saying you should go buy shares in an organic farm, but there are a lot of scary things in food today.
  6. If your kid needs help, make sure they get it. Don’t let pride, fear or ignorance get in the way of your child getting help. Academic, mental, physical–if they need it, make it happen.
  7. Spend some free time with your kids. At least once a week, but preferably once a day.
  8. Find the funny. To quote the Joker, “Why so serious?” Everyone has a sense of humor, and there is no time like parenthood to get that sucker out and use it on the daily.
  9. Take it easy on yourself. For real. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a crappy day (or week, or month) as a mom. I thought there was so much pressure to be The Perfect Mommy back in my day, but holy crap! You fresh young mommies have it coming at you from all directions: Pinterest, Facebook, a plethora of Mommy Blogs, and celebrity mommies who have perfect bodies, perfect homes and loads of best parenting advice. Please know this, ladies: There is no such thing as The Perfect Mommy.
  10. Be prepared to let go of dreams, hopes and expectations. Be ready to replace them with different dreams, hopes and expectations.

These 10 pieces of Best Parenting Advice are a summary from an article written by Jennifer Ball. You can read her entire article here.

The real questions for parents should be: “Are you engaged? Are you paying attention?” If so, plan to make lots of mistakes and bad decisions. Imperfect parenting moments turn into gifts as our children watch us try to figure out what went wrong and how we can do better next time. The mandate is not to be perfect and raise happy children. Perfection doesn’t exist, and I’ve found what makes children happy doesn’t always prepare them to be courageous, engaged adults. ~ Brené Brown, Author of: Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead