Bontempi Toy Saxophone Review

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Product Review

Bontempi Toy Saxophone Review

Encouraging your child in music is one of the best ways to develop their creativity, coordination, and sense of rhythm early in their lives. These days there is no shortage of musical instruments to allow your child to play, but not many toy versions of instruments are available for younger children who may not be able to play bigger instruments. This is where the Bontempi toy saxophone is a great product. It’s not a real saxophone (those are LOUD!), but it does the job to allow young children to have a feel at playing music on their own.

Key Features of the Bontempi Toy Saxophone

Elegant silver color 
Has 8 keys that can play a scale 
Includes instructions on how to play three songs (Jingle Bells, Oh Susanna, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) 
16.5 inches in length 
Suitable for children aged 3 and up

Is the Bontempi Toy Saxophone Worth Buying?

If you buy the Bontempi toy saxophone, right out of the box you will notice that it has a realistic silver finish (though it is made of plastic) with keys that are color-coded to make it easier for the child to play certain notes. The saxophone is not an electric one, and does not require batteries or recharging to use. This means by giving a Bontempi toy saxophone to a child, you’d be giving him or her one of the closest things to a real saxophone, since sounds have to be produced 100% through blowing wind through the saxophone and holding down keys at the same time.

This saxophone was also probably produced with parents in mind, as it is not too loud or annoying even when a child plays it for long periods of time. An additionally interesting point about this product is that it is made in Italy, a rarity in the sea of 'made-in-China' toys you often see today.

As for the drawbacks, there aren’t many when it comes to this brand of to saxophone. However, some parents have complained that the plastic that the saxophone is made of isn’t very durable, and can break easily if the saxophone is dropped hard or handled roughly. Because of this, it would probably be better to offer this to a child who already knows how to take care of their toys.

The verdict: The Bontempi toy saxophone is still a great investment for the right age group; it would have been more suitable for much younger kids if it was more durable. If your child is in preschool or of school age and will not likely break this plastic saxophone, then have no qualms about buying this toy saxophone for them, especially if they are starting to show an avid interest in music.

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Manufacturer Description

Manufactured in Italy......

This Senior Saxophone offer 4 colored keys/notes and more substantial than the Junior Saxophone. produced by Bontempi. A good quality revolutionary toy for the youthful musican.
Learn to enjoy 3 tunes / insteructions provided - Jingle Bells , Oh Susanna , Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Recommended for children ages three several years and up

Manufactured in Italy

Product Features

For the budding musician - a silver saxophone for your home orchestra or marching band 
This toy saxophone by Bontempi has 8 keys and can play a scale and the keys are color coded so children can play songs that are printed on the back of the box 
The toy saxophone is plastic and has a shiny silver finish 
Measures about 16.5" long 
Fun to play and encourages creative play