Hottest Trending Creative Gift Ideas And Kids Toys

Shopping for creative gift ideas can be a little overwhelming when you're buying for a specific gender and age group. Trends change on a dime, and as a parent or friend, you have to know what kids are clamoring for so that your gifts will be appreciated.

Some toys are staples. They're popular with kids on a yearly basis, with no expiration date on the horizon. Other toys are old news in an instant - but that doesn't mean kids won't enjoy them once they're fizzled out in the consumer news.

The Toys we have found for you are all new releases.



The trends for 2017 - 2018 seem to be AI robotic toys and with new advances in technology, have made these must have toys. Not only will they appeal to kids, but adults who are interested in new tech and robotics will love them as well. (Check out "Cozmo" and "SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climber Climbing RC Car")

As usual film tie-ins are hot; we have had Ghostbusters, Captain America, Suicide Squad and Secret Life of Pets that all have a lot of toy merchandise that kids will want.

SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climbing RC Car

Look out for toys for movies such as Fearless Beasts and the latest Star Wars Movie.

Review the latest LEGO toys as they sell like hot cakes. 

Top Action Figures for 2017 - 2018

Whenever a movie debuts, action figures generally come out for the characters and those emerge as top sellers for that year. You can rely on the fact that Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figure toys and games will be a good investment. The epic Ghostbusters 2016 Action Figures are still a big hit. Sometimes the top action figures are characters that have been staples in the kids' world for years.

Funko Pop Movies Ghostbuster 2016 figures

Cartoons are a good source of action figure ideas - especially those that have had full-length movies made out of them. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are old school, but the action figures are still hot.

Pick up the Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo, or Leonardo action figures that will please most younger boys (and some girls, too)! Don't forget to grab Splinter while you're at it - because this dad keeps his sons under control. You could pair this with a DVD set of the movies if your child doesn't own it yet.

For the girls, there's a My Little Pony Exclusive 12 Pack Pony Collection set that includes 6 special edition ponies. Kids also get the collector cards with this pack, and consumers rave about the value of this as a gift.

For Creative Gift Ideas: Top Dolls

When you're looking to buy dolls, you have to know what age group you're looking to buy for - because some of the more advanced dolls won't be right for little ones.

There are different doll categories like fashion dolls, baby dolls, cloth dolls - and then the accessories for those gifts like dollhouses and cars, pools, clothes and a ton more options!

Top Building Toys

Construction and building toys are great because children get so many benefits out of them. Not only is it perfect for building motor skills for the really younger crowd, but they also inspire a generation of creative individuals in the older kids.

Lego Architecture New York city

Sometimes the building set will be very specific in what you're supposed to create such as one of three Skyline style architecture sets from Lego in 2016 that include: LEGO Architecture New York City as well as Berlin and Venice Skyline. These would make a great gifts for a teenagers who are interested in Architecture or want a more grown up style building set.

When it comes to having fun as a kid, not every fun moment has to be spent indoors. There are times when kids just need to get outside and play - and you can give a gift they'll love to use outside. Consider the various sports toys you can get.

Electronic Toys - Ideal Gifts For Teens

Electronic toys are always a huge hit with teenagers and you can usually find good bundle sales. This includes things like music devices, e-readers, music creation studios, electronic music pieces such as drums, guitars or music mixers where kids can do their own audio mixing. Be sure to check out the newest and just released electronic toys as well as the latest remote control toys.

When most of us think of gift shopping, we picture crowded malls and shopping areas, difficulty parking as well as sales racks in complete disarray.

An excellent alternative is to do your shopping online. More and more people today are shopping online.

Regardless of which gifts you buy for children this year, make sure you shop early to avoid having to pay more for your purchases or worse, they have been sold out. Always consider the consumer reviews as encouragement or a warning about what you're going to spend money on.