What Are Developmental Toys For 1-3 Month Old Babies?

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The first three months of a child’s life is full of discovery and becoming acquainted with his or her surroundings and family members. It is a time of wonder and understanding of this new world that can be very tiring for your baby, with many hours left to sleep.

Interaction with your baby is always important, but it is especially important in the first months of development – this is the foundation. Fortunately, there are many toys on the market that can assist you and your baby with a healthy start in his or her development.



Developmental Toys During the First Month

During the first month, a baby can only see objects that are up to 10 inches away. Seeing colors is not fully developed, but your baby will begin to use his or her senses, start developing fine and gross motor skills, begin to understand reaction and response to increase communication, and start to develop his or her own personality.

The toys that can entice your baby during this month of discovery are different mobiles that can attach to a variety of cribs that spin and play soothing music, soothing toys that attach to a crib to play relaxing music during sleep time, and mini play gyms with simple black and white patterns where your baby can begin to develop recognition.


Developmental Toys Entering the Second Month

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As your baby begins to enter his or her second month, the world becomes filled with even more sounds for voice recognition, and beginning of social skills like smiles and excitement. This is the time when more colors can be seen for greater brain stimulation in this world of discovery.

At this age, you may want to get toys that not only soothe your child during sleep time with music and different sounds, but play gyms that encourage more interactive play, as well as toy rattles. Some babies at this age may also begin teething, so teethers are great toys that are safe for your baby to put in his or her mouth.


Developmental Toys Entering the Third Month

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As your baby enters the third month of life, he or she will begin to develop more face and voice recognition, as well as be interested in other faces. Your baby can now begin lying on his or her tummy supporting his or her neck with the elbows and chest creating a whole new way of seeing the world.

More interactive gym floors with hanging toys that spin and make sounds, or include mirrors, can begin the development of increased physical movement. Reaching for objects is not fully developed, but place a teether or rattle in your baby’s hand and he or she will have fun waving it around to make exciting sounds.


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