Dress Up & Pretend Play

Benefits In Pretend Play And Dress Up Play For Children!

It’s a fun time watching children pretend play by dressing up as their favorite book or movie characters, or even as those in occupations that they see all the time, such as police or firefighters. The character or real life person that a child identifies with, for whatever reason, will most likely be the role he or she chooses to role play.

Role playing is an important part of a child’s growth and development, as well as in their role identification as they grow into adulthood. We all know, as adults, how we identify ourselves in our roles in addition to who we are as a person. Have some fun and join in on the excitement by playing along with your child and supporting your child in experiencing some of the benefits of dress up play. Here are some of the countless benefits that children can receive by allowing their minds to be free.

1. Activating the Imagination

Dress up play is great for tapping into the limitless imagination of a child. These are the beginning steps of learning and brain development, especially in the area of creativity. By the use of imagination, creativity is established in a child. Letting a child explore his or her imagination is a fun way of experiencing the different roles that are involved in a community.

2. Building Relationships

Learning social skills is also a great benefit of childhood dress up play when a child plays with other children. This is where children learn how to problem-solve issues that arise in playtime that can be later transferred to real-life situations. Developing socially is important in a child’s overall development and ability to get along with others. Children develop sharing skills and also see situations in life differently by pretending to be in a different role.

3. Developing Confidence

By dressing up as someone else, children build their confidence. This is important in becoming an adult who is secure in himself or herself as a person in this ever-changing life. The development of confidence in yourself is essential in being a healthy adult, which can be instilled in children through encouraging dress up play. Confidence is brought about in children by the realization that they have the ability to be anybody they want in this life and accomplish anything they desire.

4. Establishing Communication Skills

When children dress-up and play by themselves, with parents, or other children, their communication skills become fine-tuned. Children learn to relate with others and also learn how to clearly communicate their needs. They learn to use their words to convey certain meanings in effective ways, as well as controlling emotions and feelings in a conducive and positive manner.

These are great ideas for you to encourage the children to develop the skills they will need to become productive adults in all areas of their lives. Dress-up and pretend play toys are a simple way to bring out the endless possibilities for young children. It allows children to not only develop life skills, but to dream and live those dreams.