LEGO Superheroes Superman Battle of Smallville 76003

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Lego Superheroes - Superman Battle of Smallville Review

Lego are well known for keeping on top of the latest movie releases and coming out with sets to match. Superman is well loved by the new generation of kids thanks to a new generation of movies. And now we have a new generation of Lego toys to match! Let’s see what this new set has to offer to kids and Lego fans.

Key Features of the Lego Superheroes Superman Battle of Smallville 76003

Dropship with adjustable wings, large rotating underside cannon with dual shooters, an open cockpit, bays for storage, an open cockpit, and a rack for weapon storage 
An off-roader with a dessert color scheme, cannon with a rotating base, and dual flick missiles 
2 Kryptonian blasters and a pistol as weapons 
5 mini figurines – Superman, Colon Hardy, General Zod, Faora, and Tor-An 
418 individual pieces 
Ages 6-12

Is the Lego Superheroes 76003 Superman Battle of Smallville Worth Buying?

There’s no doubt that your child will enjoy playing with a set like this if he or she is a fan of both Lego or superheroes. If it’s just one or the other, then this set will probably still be a good buy as long as they’re within the recommended age range. It’s not too hard to put together and, once it has been constructed, it offers the possibility for many hours of imaginative play.

As in all Lego sets, a step-by-step picture instruction sheet is included in this Superman set to guide your child in building the set to bring the many adventures of Superman to life. You might need to help a little, but they should be able to go through everything alone.

The main story line of this Lego set is to help Superman stop the Kryptonians from capturing the town in the main battle of Smallville. The three mini figurines - General Zod, Faora, and Tor-An begin to use the Black Zero Dropship and its weapons. Superman’s team only includes the character of Colonel Hardy who uses the offroader to stop the Kryptonians from destroying Smallville.

Lego has an excellent reputation, and this still stands with this new, very durable Lego set. There are no design flaws to be aware of, but you should know that this Lego set has small pieces and is not recommended for children under the age of three.

This is a great new toy from Lego that is definitely worth the money, and one that you should not hesitate to purchase for your child.

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Manufacturer Description

Aid Superman cease the Kryptonians from having over the town in the Battle of Smallville. Common Zod, Faora and Tor-An are attacking with the Black Zero Dropship with adjustable wings, big rotating underside cannon, large dual shooters, opening cockpit, storage bays and weapon rack. Crew up Superman with Colonel Hardy in his offroader with dual flick-missile cannon with rotating foundation and cease the Kryptonians. Consists of five minifigures: Superman, Colonel Hardy, Common Zod, Faora and Tor-An. 418 Parts

Product Features

Dropship features adjustable wings, large rotating underside cannon, dual shooters, opening cockpit, storage bays and weapon rack 
Offroader features cool desert color scheme and cannon with rotating base and dual flick missiles 
Weapons include 2 Kryptonian blasters and a pistol; fire the Black Zero Dropship powerful shooters 
Open the Black Zero Dropship's storage bays and access the weapon rack 
Dropship measures over 5" high, 8" long, 9" wide; Offroader measures over 4" high, 4" long, 2" wide

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