Monster High Coffin Bean And Clawdeen Wolf Doll Playset from Mattel

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Monster High Coffin Bean And Clawdeen Wolf Doll Playset Review

Monster High is one of the most popular kids franchises in the world right now. The concept is simple enough, but it’s really grabbed the imagination of kids everywhere. This particular Monster High toy is a nice set that includes a number of accessories along with the main doll. But is it actually worth buying for your little one? Read on to find out.

Key Features Of The Coffin Bean And Clawdeen Wolf Doll Playset

  • Includes Clawdeen Doll and Coffin Bean furniture
  • New outfit for Clawdeen
  • Great play set compatible with other Monster High dolls

Is The Coffin Bean And Clawdeen Wolf Doll Playset Worth Buying?

As always, the first thing that you notice about this toy is how it looks. The design of the packaging is eye catching and will get your kids imagination running right away. But the toy inside easily surpasses the exterior glitz, with excellent color schemes and a beautiful doll too.

The doll included in the set isn’t the first release of this particular character. Clawdeen has been made before, but to keep things interesting and provide value for money this Clawdeen has a totally new outfit. It’s a beautifully designed outfit too, oozing style and unique features. Everything from tip to toe looks great.

However, the doll is only part of the deal here. What makes this toy special is that it’s a set for dolls to play in. The Coffin Bean is the coffee shop from the Monster High universe, and it’s really well done here. The set includes an antique-style chair, a sofa, a coffee table and a large bookshelf as well as several small food pieces and a “magazine”.

The pieces are all made of plastic but each one looks great and there’s no doubt that your child will absolutely love playing with them, especially if they’re a big Monster High fan already! What’s more is that the pieces seem pretty durable, so it’s unlikely anything’s going to break during play.

To round a great set off, the price tag is surprisingly reasonable – especially for a large set with so many pieces and a nicely designed doll. Overall, this is a brilliant toy. It’ll excite any child whether or not they’re already a Monster High fan. But be warned that if this is your child’s first Monster High toy, there’s a good chance they’re not going to want it to be their last!

Product Features

All the ghouls hang out at the Coffin Bean after school 
This coffee shop-themed playset features ferociously comfortable furnishings
 It's the ideal gathering spot for a monster meet up 
Comes with Clawdeen Wolf in a fangtastic in a new outfit 
Includes: Clawdeen Wolf doll, Coffin Bean shop, couch, chair, coffee table, food piece-count and a Monster Beat magazine

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