Monster High Dolls And Accessories

A Guide to Monster High Dolls And Toys

Monster High toys were designed specifically for the teenage and tween children, to coincide with the Monster High TV series. This is a toy line that keeps growing in popularity all the time. Even adults have a particular interest with Monster High dolls as a collector’s item. A cross between dainty Barbie dolls and legendary monsters, Monster High toys are quite unique!

The History Of Monster High Toys

The Monster High toys began with the creation of a fashion doll in America. Each doll was designed to resemble popular monsters. In 2007, Mattel, the largest toy maker in America, had designers preparing prototypes and preparing for its release. From the start, Mattel decided to launch this new toy by a franchise that it would fully own. The Monster High collection was placed in the market as a franchise in July of 2010. Its official launch date to the public was on August 13, 2010.

The Monster High Toys And Accessories

Monster High dolls are the offspring or relatives of some of the most legendary monsters and unknown zombies. The dolls are fashionable. The female dolls have bright makeup to match their outfits and hair, and even the male dolls have their own style of ghoulish makeup.

The dolls are designed after famous monsters, such as Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Phantom of the Opera. Each of the dolls has its very own head mold, skin tone to match the monster being represented, and forearms and hands that can easily be removed.

Additional Monster High toys include accessories for the dolls, games, and play sets. There is a Monster High school house with lockers that really work, classrooms with chalkboards, and a “casketball court” with bleachers for the other dolls to sit and watch a game or hang out. Other toys include living areas for specific dolls, starter kits to create your own doll, fashion sketch portfolios, cars, and café play sets.

The Benefits Of Monster High Toys

Monster High dolls were designed with the intention of being unique. The slogan for the creation of the Monster High doll is, “Be yourself, be unique, be a monster.” The message to children is letting each child know that accepting themselves and others for who they are will create a better environment to grow up in.

The dolls are a symbol to children that it is okay to express individuality, be confident, and accept the differences of others. Each doll comes with a paper detailing the doll’s history and a flaw that the doll has, but is proud and accepting of it to reinforce the doll's role.