One Direction Collector Dolls

One Direction are one of the biggest boy bands in the world today. The five singers all have their fans, but it’s as a group that they really get attention. They’re fairly young, and appeal mostly to teenage girls who think they’re the cutest guys they’ve ever seen!

So this year has seen the release of a line of collector dolls that resemble the singers, with the hope that young fans as well as doll collectors might want a little bit of One Direction memorabilia. However, are these dolls worth buying, even for the most die-hard One Direction Fan? Let’s find out with a closer look.

Key Features Of The One Direction Collector Dolls

  • Large 12” scale,
  • Accurate outfits,
  • Collect all five,
  • For ages 5+.

Are The One Direction Collector Dolls Worth Buying?

The first thing you’ll notice when you look at any of the One Direction collector dolls is just how close the likeness between the real singers and the dolls is. Each has a finely crafted face that captures their features perfectly, and will be instantly recognized and loved by any serious fan.

Beyond their quirky expressions and cheesy pop-star grins, these figures also come with fantastic outfits that look just like those the stars really do wear. From shirts to jackets, trousers to shoes the detail is perfect and really created a lifelike appearance.

A lot of time has gone into making each doll really unique and expressing as much of the individual singer’s image as possible. This extends to the individually moulded hairstyles which are spot on, and are the finishing touch to excellent designs.

What allows these dolls to look so great is probably their scale. They are large, 12”, figures that provide plenty of space for detailed facial features as well as tailored clothing. They’re a really cute toy that’s definitely going to appeal to fans, and all the detail will definitely get collectors interested too!

The only real downsides of these dolls are the lack of accessories beyond clothing, and the cost. While a single doll might not set you back that much, if your child wants to have the whole band the price will quickly increase.

Other than that, there’s little to criticize and lots to praise. For any One Direction fan, these dolls will make a fantastic gift. So go ahead and buy – just make sure you choose the right member of the band!